Since 1988, after the arrival of the Wasteland. Fans were eagerly waiting for its sequel. In 2016, eventually, it was crowdfunded and earned $3 Million from it. In 2018, Microsoft brought inXile. Eventually, it provided the backbone for a developer to make an intense and a system-driven RPG game. After a few years, in 2019, E3 they launched the game’s trailer. Therefore, here is all the information that we have learned about this game until now.

About the game:

This RPG game is having a set up of post-apocalyptic and cold Colorado conditions. Further, this game would be having a lot of turns in the story including the combats. Therefore, its story will be a direct sequel to 2014s Wasteland 2.

The Release Date:

Wasteland 3 release date … Unfortunately, this game has been delayed for a long time already. Firstly, it was planned to launch in 2019. But then, it was shifted to May 2020 due to some unexpected conditions. Eventually, now it’s been shifted to the date, the 28th of August 2020. I hope that this time the date remains the same.

The Story:

The games’ story will start at the ending of Wasteland 2. Eventually in that, the desert rangers were left without any operation. After that, they received a call from Colorado asking for their help to save the city. Moreover, they also promised that in return for the help. They will provide them with all the basic resources. Consequently, the ranger formed a team which was named as the Team November. But eventually, things didn’t go as they were planned.

For this, season, you will start the game as a lone survivor from Team November in a frozen land. Further, you have to make your living somehow. As you continue the game, you have to make your reputation in the city to survive.

Beta version information:

Those who supported the Wasteland 3 are being invited for its beta campaign. Its beta was made available on 17 March 2020. InXile hasn’t yet confirmed the end date for the beta. But eventually, we guess that the game will be coming in 2-3 months.

The Beta version will contain some characters and areas from the map. Moreover, there is no non-disclosure agreement. So, the testers are free to share their gameplay and screenshots.

The Cost:

Fortunately, the pre-order is made available for the game. The cost for the currently active game is $33. But eventually, its actual price would be higher than this price. Its actual price can be expected to be about $50.