Hopoo Games will deliver 3D roguelike Risk of Rain 2‘s last Early Access update this August, after initially planning to deliver the patch this spring.

In a post shared on Risk of Rain 2’s Steam page, developer Hopoo said that the 1.0 patch will deliver a significant quality of life updates, like a match browser for online games to replace the barebones Quickplay system and additional improvements for older content. The team chose to push the update back in order to bring players the most optimal Risk of Rain 2 experience possible as it leaves Early Access on PC, rather than for any reasons related to the ongoing pandemic.

Risk of Rain 2 players will also have a new playable character to look forward to when the update drops. Fans of the game on its official Discord server chose the next playable character to be a completely new Survivor, beating out familiar characters from the original game like the Enforcer, Chef, and the long-rumored Bandit for the next spot on the roster. The studio hasn’t ruled out introducing more characters in the future, and with Risk of Rain 2 becoming a surprise hit last year, the 1.0 update likely won’t be the end of the line for the game.

Players with the console versions of Risk of Rain 2 can still expect the Artifacts update to arrive as planned next month. The patch launched last month for PC players and included the Sky Meadow stage, new items, and an unlockable skin for the Engineer. Hopoo plans for the console ports to get the 1.0 update in the fall, at an unspecified date after its PC launch.

Risk of Rain 2 launched with enough content to get players hooked on the third-person shooter/roguelike gameplay, and has only grown in scope since its April 2019 launch. The title was hailed as one of last year’s biggest indie successes, and players are still figuring out how to master its characters and items.

Risk of Rain 2 is out now in early access on PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.