If you love to stay at home to watch TV the whole day, you can go on this while earning money. Watching TV, movies or videos is probably the most favorite way to spend time, but what if you can make money from it.

Sounds good, right?

It might sound unreal, but it is possible to earn money by watching videos and TV online. There are many ways that range from almost full-time roles to some extra income opportunities. It is the most fun way to earn money, and you should definitely try this.

Netflix Tagger

Watching Netflix all day may be the dream job you were looking for for a long time. Apparently it’s not quite as simple as, say, watching 12 hours of Friends in one sitting, not that I’ve done that or anything, but it doesn’t involve watching 12 hours of Friends in one sitting, either.

Basically, Netflix taggers, or more formerly known as editorial analysts, watch Netflix shows, movies, and specials in order to tag each with relevant metadata. Those tags make it easier for you to search for things to watch based on categories you like or things you’ve already seen.

“Our job is very much like being a librarian and making sure things are classified accurately, but you also have the broad knowledge base of how TV shows or movies are related, and if they look good together in a row on our site,” Netflix creative analyst Sherrie Gulmahamad told Fast Company. “Netflix looks for someone who has both skill sets, plus a passion for innovation.”

You can check from time to time this page if Netflix is looking for Editorial Analysts at that time.

Swagbucks TV

Another easy way to earn money is by watching Swagbucks TV. You can watch videos after another part-time or full time of the day.

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