Sony’s adding yet another name to its ever-growing roster of web-slingers.

The studio behind the hit animated feature Into the Spider-Verse, the Tom Holland-led Spider-Man MCU tie-in solo films and dark new avenues like Venom and Morbius are breaking ground on a new script for Jackpot, a film Sony first announced it was developing way back in 2018.

Now, the project finally has some momentum — according to Deadline, the project will be written by comic book writer, screenwriter, and TV producer Marc Guggenheim. Its focus is on the scientist-turned-hero who first appeared in May 2007 as part of Spider-Man: Swing Shift, a Free Comic Book Day issue written by Dan Slott with art by Phil Jimenez.

In the decade-and-a-half since Jackpot’s debut, more than one woman has donned the title, but the first was Sara Ehret, a scientist with a focus on gene therapy. Ehret is pregnant when she’s accidentally exposed to “Lot 777,” a virus that re-writes her cells. Though it has no effect on her daughter, who is born healthy, it gives her the power of superhuman strength.

The news of a Jackpot movie comes on the heels of another announcement from Sony, which will see S.J. Clarkson, once tapped to direct the now-shelved Star Trek 4, helming a different female-centric live-action Spider-Verse movie. It will feature a currently unconfirmed character, though rumors suggest its Madame Web (via Variety). The timing of both announcements is interesting, if only to mark the Spider-Verse’s first female-led standalone movies beyond its in-development animated Spider Gwen feature.

Little is confirmed about that project beyond its director, and the same could be said for the Guggenheim-scripted Jackpot film. But here’s everything we know about the Spider-Verse’s most powerful spider-mom.

When is Jackpot movie’s release date?

After the major box office success of its live-action Spider-Man reboot and its Oscar wins for the Miles Morales-led Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Sony has spent the last several years ramping up its superhero slate. Its next spider-related projects include the Venom sequel Let There Be Carnage and the Jared Leto-led Morbius, a vampiric part-time ally, the part-time villain to Spider-Man.

Like most of Hollywood’s 2020 slate, those have had their release dates pushed back, meaning that the rest of the Spider-Verse may experience some further delays as well, much like the domino effect the industry shutdown has had on the MCU.

The announcement that Jackpot would be joining this ever-growing roster is exciting, but as of now, the only creative attached to the project is Guggenheim. Penning a script can take months or even a year, depending on creative approvals from the studio.

Meanwhile, a director must be tapped and a cast formed before a months-long shooting schedule and post-production process takes place. Ideally, there will be no hiccups at any point in this process. Anything from cast reshuffling to creative indecision could sidetrack a blockbuster — even in the best of times when there isn’t a total industry interruption to recover from.

With projects already in development for Kraven the Hunter, Silk, and Nightwatch, it could very well be a few years before we see Jackpot on the big screen.