Dynasty made a comeback with its Season 3 on the 23rd of May 2020. Dynasty Season 3 completed its TV airing schedule with the series finale telecasted on the 8th of May 2020. Dynasty is a modern remark of the famous series which was telecasted between 1981 to 1989. Dynasty revolves around the dark, sensuous and gritty lives of the two luxury savoring families called the Colbys and the Carringtons. Every season of Dynasty is scripted with a dash of glamour, steamy script with the rollercoaster lives of the two families.

Dynasty’s potential has caught Netflix’s eye and no wonder the Season 3 opened to brilliant reviews. Dynasty Season 3 is expected to be the best of the seasons so far and the fans are excited to know anything could about the possibility and status of Dynasty Season 4 on Netflix.

Dynasty Season 4 Netflix Release Date

Dynasty Season 3 was aired on Netflix in May 2020. However, the season was aired in CW between October 2019 and May 2020. The entire season of Dynasty Season 3 consists of twenty episodes. It is interesting to note that Netflix released Dynasty Season 3 within two weeks of completion of its TV telecast on Netflix.

Dynasty Season 4 is scheduled to release on Netflix US and Canada in October 2021. Dynasty Season 3 has opened to a good start which means that the possibility of extending the show into a season 4 is likely. However, two episodes of Season 3 were not produced due to the global Covid-19 pandemic and hence, the production schedules of Dynasty Season 4 could be impacted by this as well.

Dynasty Season 4 Cast

The lead roles involving the major characters from the Colbys and the Carringtons. The entire cast list of Dynasty Season 4 will include:

  • Elizabeth Gillies as Fallon Carrington
  • Grant Show as Blake Carrington
  • Rafael de la Fuente as Samuel Josiah “Sammy Jo” Jones
  • Robert Christopher Riley as Michael Culhane
  • Sam Adegoke as Jeff Colby
  • Chris Elliott as Roland Schitt
  • Alan Dale as Joseph Anders
  • Daniella Alonso as Cristal Jennings
  • Sam Underwood as Adam Carrington
  • Alan Dale as Joseph Anders

It is likely that season 4 might witness some of these roles from previous seasons making a comeback after apart from the lead characters.

Dynasty Season 4 Plot: What We Know So Far?

Season 3 of Dynasty features numerous dramatic and sensual scenes through the course of the plot. Interestingly, the last two episodes which were not released contained the scenes of Fallon and Liam get married. However, we have official confirmation that we might see it in the next season. The Dynasty Season 3 series finale did a status check on all the existing relationships. Sam was expected to have a relationship towards the end of the season as well. The first and second episode of Dynasty Season 4 will feature the episodes 21 and 22 from the Season 3 which was not telecasted. Fallon and co. will confront the real challenges and we can buckle up and wait for a sensational Season 4 of Dynasty in 2021.