The next season of Dark is all set to release on Netflix on June 27, 2020, which also appears to be the day of the Apocalypse’ based on the series. The first teaser for Dark season 3 was recently shared online by Netflix’s YouTube channel. The first two seasons of this show were full of complex time travel stories and intriguing plot hooks.

Because of the story of the show, many fans love coming up with their fan theories. With season three’s release right around the corner, Dark fans are already coming up with their intriguing theories about what might happen next in the show.

A fan tries to decipher Dark’s complex family tree

Dark is known for its complicated time loop storylines. Following the third season of Dark was declared, a fan-created a humorous meme that also doubled as a theory about the main characters’ family tree. Time-traveling and time loops are an essential component of Dark’s storyline, and many characters are displaced across space and time, which can often confuse a character’s origins.

Dark Season 3 teaser and release date shared online

Above is Dark year three’s official teaser trailer which was shared online by Netflix. Together with the teaser trailer, Netflix also announced the release date. The show is set to launch on June 27, 2020. This date is extremely important to Black’s mythos as it marks the day of the Apocalypse’. Fans are still not certain what’ Day of the Apocalypse’ means, however, they’re very likely to find out soon after season three is released.