Allowing a “small number of worldwide personnel” for a production triggered significant economic benefits and jobs for New Zealanders, who made up on average more than 90 per cent of global production crews varying in size from 200 to 1000.

After two months of production being halted on James Cameron’s Avatar sequels due to the ongoing global pandemic, producer Jon Landau took to Facebook to reveal that the long-in-development films are officially set to resume filming next week in New Zealand.

Avatar 3 is set to be out on 22 December 2023, Avatar 4 on 19 December 2025, and then Avatar 5 on 17 December 2027.

Much like the rest of the world, New Zealand was also under lockdown, but circumstances have improved there, allowing the team to resume production.

He confirmed that they are set to restart the production as early as next week.

Franchise What is the “Avatar” series all about?

Released in 2009, “Avatar” had been the highest-grossing movie of all time until July 2019 when it was overtaken by superhero flick “Avengers: Endgame“.

It looks pretty fancy, but it’s an Avatar film – what were we expecting? Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana will reprise their roles in the sequel.

Others who have joined the cast include Kate Winslet, Michelle Yeoh, and Cliff Curtis.

The slow re-opening of overseas productions has given Cameron confidence that Avatar 2 can still make its December 2021 release date, and the recent release of a string of behind-the-scenes images of the set supports that.

Filming for Avatar has been on pause, but visual production work has been still underway in Manhattan Beach, California.